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B & I Money Management specializes in handling the daily monetary and medical insurance issues on an individual basis. We will complete work for you at your residence, via fax or overnight mail. All client information is confidential. B & I Money Management is certified as an active member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers. Our services include:

Personal Money Management


Bill payment manual or online


Reconcile bank statements


Formulate and maintain a budget


Track investments


Make bank deposits


Sort mail


Organize financial records for tax return preparation


Ensure tax return is mailed on time with appropriate check attached


Analyze all statements for incorrect billing


Tutoring for financial software


Input essential historical information on financial software

Monitor Medical Insurance Issues


Analyze client's health insurance plan to determine coverage and out of pocket expenses


Oversee insurance benefits payments


Review medical bills


Contact insurance company to resolve claim issues


File claims with primary and secondary health insurance companies


Contest denial of benefits

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